Tesco in Ireland are set to Launch 100% Recyclable Black Plastic Range

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Hundreds of Tesco’s own label products are to have detachable fully recyclable black plastic trays by the end of December 2019. Tesco has embarked on a new mission to end the issue of hard to recycle plastic packaging.

The new changes will be applied to own label ready meals, meats and fresh produce packaging. This will see over 448 tonnes of plastic packaging that will now be recyclable instead of ending up in landfill.

This new black plastic contains infra-red pigment that can be detected by the technology at Irelands waste plants. Previously general black waste trays are not easily detectable as recyclable, therefore the new pigment will allow the trays to be easily identified and recycled.

Hilton who is the main provider of Tesco’ own label meats has recently moved to the new detectable black trays. The other suppliers of Tesco own-brand ready meals and fresh produce are aiming to implement the changes by the end of the year.


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