Supermarket Plastic Isn’t As Easy To Recycle As You Think

Shopping Trolley

A large proportion of plastic waste produced by supermarkets in the UK has proved to be difficult or not at all recyclable. The systems and symbols that state the type of plastic and helps to identify the different recycling processes have show inconsistencies, with some packaging being completely unmarked, therefore unable to be recycled.

The top ten supermarkets were analysed closely and the facts show that Morrisons had the best rate of recyclable plastic at 81% on the 27 household items that were tested and Lidl had the worst with only 71% of its plastic waste able to be recycled.

Data comprised from these tests showed that items such as fruit nets and black plastic trays are still proving difficult to recycle, along with around 10% of packaging on Waitrose products can only be recycled in store, not at home in your recycling bins.

Plastic packaging waste has become a huge issue around the UK and has encouraged the major supermarkets to rethink their use of plastic packaging materials and switch to more widely recycled and plastic free options. This could be the beginning of a nationwide change for the better.

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