Plastic Recycling Services

Plastic Recycling Transport Service

Fast, reliable collection and delivery services across the UK

Trust PLASgran’s dedicated transport fleet to deliver great service

Our liveried fleet of vehicles and trailers supply rapid collection and delivery services anywhere in the UK – including out of hours, if required.

With nearly two decades of experience in the reprocessing of waste plastics into a range of regrinds and compounds we are well versed in transporting any size of load for a range of products and materials.

In addition to being able to handle single/multiple pallets, cages and or dolav containment we are also able to offer both tipper and bulker services too.

Need to have containment left on site for an extended period to fill up with your waste plastics? No problem – we can provide stand-alone trailers to remain at your premises until ready for collection.

As well as our own in-house transport and logistics we also have access to a UK wide network of professional third-party hauliers – meaning we can scale up our operations as necessary so that you can be sure of the same fast, reliable service even at times of high demand.

We also offer support in recognising plastic types to ensure maximum return on scrap value.

Plasgran lorry

Size Reduction

Waste plastic shredding and granulation

Environmentally friendly plastic recycling to your exact needs

Upon arrival at our dedicated recycling facility all waste plastics are hand sorted by our expert staff into material types ready for reprocessing.

Once sorted the raw waste plastics are reduced in size by our shredding and granulating machinery. These machines are capable of processing any size of materials – from ordinary domestic plastic waste to much larger lumps or spoils from industrial /commercial processes.

To maintain our high standards of purity and quality all shredders and granulators have metal detectors fitted to their purpose built conveyor systems.

This, together with our other reprocessing, ensures that the resulting shredded or granulated plastic material is pure and free from any contamination prior to loading.

With our capacity and specialist technology we are delighted to carry out toll work – taking in your scrap plastic and reprocessing it for you.


Comprehensive plastic sorting by type and even colour using the latest separation technology

Purpose built wash & separation plants utilising state of the art reprocessing

PLASgran operate to industry leading standards when it comes to the fast, efficient and thorough sorting of plastic materials. Utilising both our own staff’s expert knowledge and experience, together with leading edge technology in the form of our purpose built washing and separation plants, our facility is capable of separating, cleaning and sorting a huge range of waste plastics.

Upon arrival scrap plastic is processed by our custom-built washing and drying plant – it then passes into our unique 3 stage density separation tank. Using a sink/float differentiation process differing polymers and any contaminants are separated for individual handling.

The jewel in the PLASgran crown is surely our purpose built, on site separation plant. Employing the very latest technology this fully automated equipment is capable of sorting by colour, separating plastics by type and even cleaning large volumes of waste or scrap plastics, including:

Optical Colour Sorting

De-dusting and sieving of soiled or dirty materials

Ferrous / Non-ferrous metal contamination removal

Fines removal

Electrostatic removal of wood, rubbers, metal, foil or other contaminants


Polymer compounds tailor made to your needs and specifications

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly plastic compounding

With years of experience in the plastics industry PLASgran understands that you need the very best quality polymer compounds for your injection, blow & extrusion moulding needs. Our compounding service offers you a viable alternative to the use of virgin plastics – including the added benefits of a cheaper, more cost-effective raw material produced from an environmentally sustainable source – recycled waste or scrap plastics.

Using our compounding services doesn’t mean sacrificing anything in terms of the quality of the polymers produced or in the specifications you need. PLASgran’s compounding service is able to exactly match your precise requirements in a huge range of high quality plastic polymers, including:

HDPE (High-density polyethylene)

LDPE (Low-density polyethylene)

HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

PP (Poly-propylene)

PS (Polystyrene)

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