Plasgran operate a tight quality control department where all bought in scrap, regrinds and pellets are checked for conformity and specification against manufacturers data or known values. Where there is no data available, the quality assurance team carry out tests to gather resulting measurements to decide which route through the production process the material will take.

As well as quality checking all purchased plastics, the quality checks are completed at each and every stage of the production process to ensure the correct specifications are adhered to at all times.

All recycled plastics are specified to Plasgran’s own grades of regrind blend and compound or to the required specification of the customer.

Testing is completed on melt flow, density, humidity, moisture, colour, filler content, tensile, flexibility and more. If the customer requires additional testing Plasgran invest to provide what is needed.

On completion of all quality checks and the production process, samples are taken from dispatch to confirm conformity and bags rigorously checked to make sure they are ready to leave site for their final destination.

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