Plasgran Signs Up with Operation Clean Sweep to Prevent Plastic Pellet Loss

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To demonstrate our commitment to a clean environment, Plasgran has signed up as an Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) Partner of the British Plastics Federation (BPF), where we work to prevent plastic pellet loss into the environment.

Loose pellets are a hazard to both humans and marine life.  On factory floors, they can lead to accidents through slips, trips and falls.  In the marine environment, plastic ingestion can seriously harm marine life and plastic pellets are often mistaken for fish eggs by birds.

The plastics industry takes serious measures to prevent the depositing of waste plastics into the sea or on waterways, which is predominantly caused by illegal dumping, littering and poor waste management.  The containment of pellet has a positive impact on both the environment and any company’s financial bottom line.

The OCS scheme was first introduced in June 2009 to recommend guidelines and procedures on prevention, containment and clean up.  As a partner, we have a vital role to play in eliminating plastic pellet loss.

Implementing Operation Clean Sweep

Making zero pellet loss a priority is an effort that involves everyone at Plasgran, from senior management to factory employees.  This echoes our commitment to providing plastics recycling, materials and services to the highest quality.

Our first step to the implementation of OCS was assessing our situation and needs, including compliance with all environmental standards regarding pellet containment.  Plasgran are accredited to ISO 9001 quality standards for procedures and instruction and we utilise only the most current production machinery to ensure optimised performance.  Our facilities and equipment are regularly inspected, maintained and upgraded as part of our planned preventative measures.

Plasgran has always invested heavily in employee awareness and training, which is a core area of their employment.  In addition to having appropriate procedures in place, our Production Managers attend weekly meetings to remain at the forefront of market news and company strategies.

For more information about Plasgran Plastic Recycling Specialists and how we operate, please visit or if you’re interested in working with us, call 01345 740005.

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