Lucozade and Pringles named as worst recycling offenders

Lucozade & Pringles Named As Worst Recycling Offenders

In a recent report, The Recycling Association has named a list of plastic products that are difficult to recycle for the industry.

The crisp maker, Pringles, have been criticised due to the number of materials used to create their distinctive packaging. The tube contains many materials including, metal, plastic, foil and cardboard sleeve. It has proven to be a major task just to separate the different materials.

Simon Ellin, CEO, UK Recycling Association, said about Pringles: “Number One recycling villain. These things are a… nightmare. Impossible to separate the parts.”

pringles packaging is named as one of the worse to recycle








Lucozade, the major sports drink company, have also been named on the villain list alongside other drinks with the same packaging. Even though the plastic bottles are indeed recyclable the actually enclosed plastic sleeve is made by a different type of plastic.

Lucozade named as worst recycling offenders

When recycling these types of bottles the computer scanners at recycling plants cannot recognise them so they are picked by hand off the recycling conveyor which sometimes ends up with them being thrown away.

Other culprits on the list include:

  • Whisky packaging
  • Black plastic food tray
  • Cleaning spray bottles

With some companies packaging becoming harder to recycle we hope to see a change in their design vision as improvements are urgently required.

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