Understanding Plastic Regrinds

Understanding plastic regrinds

What exactly is a plastic regrind? As the world wakes up to the importance of plastic recycling, new terms are creeping into the dictionary which describes innovative new solutions to previously entrenched problems. Let's take a closer look at plastic…

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Hop To A Greener Easter

Hop to a Greener Easter

With Easter around the corner, many of us are stocking up on chocolate eggs and other goodies. In fact, it is one of the most popular times for Britons to purchase chocolate, with 10 per cent of the nation’s annual…

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How Is Plastic Recycled?

How is Plastic Recycled?

Plastic has been a hot topic lately in the UK, with the introduction of the 5p charge for plastic bags, imposed by the government to reduce plastic waste. A recent study predicted that 9.1 million metric tonnes of plastic waste…

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Plasgran Guide To Plastic Recycling Grades

Plasgran Guide to Plastic Recycling Grades

The UK government aims to increase the plastic packaging recycling rate through the development of a sustainable sector.  Plasgran intends to fully support these initiatives and has been providing plastic recycling services for a wide range of industries since 1999.…

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The Benefits Of Using Quality Recycled Plastic

The benefits of using quality recycled plastic

Why is quality important when it comes to plastic recyclates? The value of plastic recycling is widely acknowledged – using materials in waste products avoids the extraction and use of virgin materials that can carry high financial and environmental implications. …

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