The Art of Recycled Plastic (part 2): Innovative uses of plastic waste

Adidas X Parley Trainers Sneakers Ocean Plastic

Recently we published an article about recycled plastic being used in creative ways to inspire positive change, particularly in art and design. Today’s post explores more initiatives in fashion.


On the red (or green) carpet

The idea of wearing recycled plastic may conjure up images of unsightly outfits, but we have come a long way, as many individuals and businesses are proving that fashion can be both sustainable and stylish.

colin firth livia firth plastic bottle dress met ball 2015

Livia Firth launched the Green Carpet Challenge in 2010 to promote sustainability, ethics and social welfare on the red carpet. At the 2015 Met Ball, she donned a gown made from a fabric spun from recycled plastic PET bottles. Designed by Antonio Berardi, the dress is woven from Newlife, a premium polyester filament yarn, reprocessed in Italy from post-consumer plastic bottles.


On the high street

pharrell gstar raw for the oceans bionic yarn

Wearable recycled PET plastic is not just for the rich and famous – it’s great to see a number of retail brands making sustainability a priority. G-Star Raw teamed up with musician Pharrell to produce a denim collection, RAW for the Oceans, made from Bionic Yarn. Around 45% of the Bionic Yarn material is made of recycled ocean plastic.

Adidas x Parley trainers sneakers ocean plastic

Similarly, Adidas’ latest trainers are also made from recycled ocean plastic. The Adidas X Parley replaces the sports brand’s original yarn with one made from ocean waste and fishing nets. These projects are aimed at creating awareness of the impact of plastic waste on the ocean.

matt and nat vegan handbag recycled bottle lining

Spanish clothing brand Ecoalf makes chic puffer coats and metallic backpacks, whilst across the Atlantic, Canadian-based company, Matt & Nat, creates vegan handbags lined with recycled bottles.


On the go

Activewear companies catering to gym-goers and yoga practitioners have also become more eco-conscious; hence the increase in sustainable workout clothing, such as those offered by American brands Teeki and ZuVi.

December, 2014. Teeki UK's eco friendly yoga pants, made in California from recycled plastic bottles. Photo Courtesy of Teeki UK / Supplied by John Chapple /

Photo Courtesy of Teeki UK / Supplied by John Chapple /

Teeki collects plastic PET containers from local community recycling centres, and has them sorted and cleaned before they are reprocessed into pellets, which are then extruded to make fibre. teeki clothing is made of 79% recycled plastic and 21% spandex. ZuVi’s sustainable process works in a similar fashion.


Everything else

Earlier this year, Ekocycle was launched at Harrods, offering a range of lifestyle products made from recycled plastic bottles and aluminium, by music producer and Coca Cola. The first product created with the technology was a pair of Beats headphones, and was soon followed by a pair of Levi jeans. The Ekocycle collection has expanded its clothing range to include tailored suits and shirts, as well as technical outerwear. Apart from clothing, the collection also features a 3D printer, a smartwatch and eyewear.


The power of recycled plastic

The Plasgran team is hopeful that these businesses and individuals will be able to convince the public to make recycling a priority, or at least take steps towards positive change. To learn more about plastic recycling, please see the Plasgran guide to plastic recycling grades. Or take a look at our website to see the many ways we help businesses with recycling their plastic.

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