Amazing Halloween Costumes Recycled from Plastic

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Happy Halloween from the Plasgran team! Before you put those plastic bottles and bags in the (recycling) bin, hold on! Have you considered that perhaps they could first be recycled into a Halloween costume? We scoured the Internet and found some imaginative costumes made from waste. Here are some of our favourites to inspire you for the big night out.

18th Century Lady

This head-turning gown, made entirely from waste, is so well-designed that we think Marie Antoinette herself would be impressed. It is part of the Sustainable Sirens campaign, showcasing creative costumes upcycled from waste in film, television and theatre. The objective of the campaign is to encourage a greener entertainment industry.

We love everything about it, from the plastic bottle headdress to the plastic shopping bag ‘fabric’. Most of the items can be found in your typical home, so putting together this dress comes down to creativity and just a bit of patience.

Death of a Mermaid

This costume is not only very creative, but it also sends a powerful message about beach and ocean pollution. Aptly named ‘Death of a Mermaid’, this creation by Etsy user bamabelle was a winner in the online marketplace’s costume contest.

It is made from a vintage prom dress that was dyed and painted, then adorned with common household items like plastic straws and Styrofoam, all objects that are often found polluting our oceans.

Warrior Armour

The warrior armour you see above is the work of Kosuke Tsumura, a designer for a brand of urban survival clothing and accessories called Final Home. Could it be that the durability of PET plastic inspired him to create this outfit? It takes minutes to consume the contents of a PET plastic bottle, but the container itself will last a long time, as PET plastic is generally not biodegradable.

Day of the Dead

Source: Facebook

This immaculately dressed couple was spotted on the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico in fabulous upcycled eveningwear for Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday celebrated on the 1st of November.

Her elaborate gown is made from plastic cups, plates and utensils, whilst LDPE (low-density polyethylene) rubbish bags form his smart suit.

Have you upcycled a costume?

If you’ve created your own costume from plastic waste, we’d love to hear about it and see photos as well.

Find out more about plastic recycling on the Plasgran website.

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